Unknown Mentalist - Remote Propless Prediction (pdf)


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The performer asks a participant to play an imaginary game over a voice phone call. The participant may be thousands of miles away at the other end of the call. The participant makes several free choices but all in her mind alone, she does not say anything out loud. But the final result is already predicted by the performer in a very innovative manner. The climax can be very visual if you choose that option in performance. The participant is stunned with the outcome. The participant even gets to keep a memorable ‘souvenir’ after the routine.

This can be performed over a video call or even a text chat. It can also be performed in face to face situations with appropriate adjustment. No equivoque, no multiple outs, no dual reality, no pre show, no stooges or instant stooges, no electronics, no apps. Just you, the participant, the phone call and the impact.