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A message from Lloyd Barnes.

Hello Magic Stream members. Lloyd here.

A few days ago, I posted an idea I’d been working on for quite some time on my Instagram (@lloydbarnes), and I got a lot of comments from people who wanted to learn the secret. So I’ve decided to share it.

This is Flint. An examination on controlling a card. 

In Flint, I wanted to not only explain how the Flint Control works but more importantly, WHY it works.

By taking something as fundamental as controlling a card to the surface of the deck and flipping the natural structure and timing; combining old methods in new areas.

I want this to teach you how to not only fool your audience but also attempt to change the way you approach your own methodology.

This twenty-minute instructional is the first in the series of casual downloads exploring concepts and ideas, meant to challenge your creative process.

So without further adieu… This is Flint.