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ORIGINAL DREAM BOOK is a full 30 – 45 minute act, that builds the illusion that YOU know a subject’s dream images – what it means – and the lucky numbers associated with it.
Follow the description of the routine carefully.

The mentalist explains he is a living Dream Book.
He can interpret an image from anyone’s dream and give them the meaning and lucky number associated with it.
The mentalist shows the audience his collection of hundreds of dream words acquired from previous audiences – each written on a small card.
The cards are kept in a glass fish bowl.
Five random subjects come on stage.
The hundreds of cards with dream words are thoroughly mixed by the subjects.
They each take a handful of cards from the bowl.
Each subject THINKS of one word from his handful.
They do NOT remove the card or indicate it in any way.
They simply THINK of a word.
In the meantime, 15 or 20 people in the audience add their dream words to the mentalist’s collection.
These are for future shows and not intended for use now.
All the dream cards are gathered by a member of the audience.
He mixes them and drops them all in the bowl.
The mentalist doesn’t touch the subjects’ cards.
To begin, the mentalist grabs a handful of the dream word cards from the glass bowl and reads them aloud.
If one of the subjects hears a word he has in mind he only raises his hand.
He does NOT say anything.
The mentalist focuses his attention on the subject.
He reveals the word the subject merely THOUGHT of!
The mentalist tells him the meaning of the dream word and the lucky number associated with it.
Now, without any more of the dream cards, the mentalist reveals the words the other subjects MENTALLY chose!
He gives the meanings and the lucky numbers.
The mentalist is able to give the MENTALLY chosen words and identify the subject WITHOUT THEM RAISING THEIR HAND or giving any clue what so ever!
The mentalist will do the unexpected.
He will point out people in the audience and reveal their dream words as well!
Even audience members who did NOT write anything have their dreams revealed!

The subjects only THINK of a word from their handful
The cards are MIXED thoroughly by an audience member
The mentalist describes FULL DREAMS
Audience members do NOT have to write on a card to have their dream interpreted
The act is completely self-contained
The act is IMPROMPTU
There’s no preshow
This is fresh and up-to-date
Dreams are interpreted
Participants get their Lucky Numbers
Little to NO memory work
Through the clever method, you are able to have a SCRIPTED interpretation for EACH dream!

Absolutely amazing and easy to do.
This routine allows you to put all of your effort into presentation, not into mental calculations nor
difficult sleights.

MP4 Video (40 minutes)
MP3 Audio (90 minutes)
PDF script and act outline