Carlos Emesqua - Emesqua on Spirit Magic (pdf)


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Carlos Emesqua’s unique approaches to Spirit Magic. Powerful, realistic and spooky pieces of mystery done in creative new ways.

  • Essay: The fundamental secret for Spirit Magic
  • 1. Fire Match: Learn how to create a self-ignite match, using any borrowed match. (No chemicals, no preparation)
  • 2. Ectoplasm: Make an ectoplasm appear anytime, anywhere (Highly practical)
  • 3. Emesqua Voodoo: An unique and powerful demonstration of voodoo using business cards.
  • 4. Image of the Soul: A paranormal phenomena using a photo and a strange vanish.
  • 5. Emesqua Spirit Writing: Just a few pieces of papers are used to let the spirit manifest. No gimmicks.
  • 6. Gaia: Mysterious TK movements using normal elements from nature
  • 7. Haunted Car: The spirit of a child, and his favorite toy.
  • Bonus: Pablo Amira - Healing: A practical method to heal your own flesh.